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master plans

Giovanni Bello


Facoltà di Architettura
Università degli Studi di Napoli
Federico II - Palazzo Gravina
via Monteoliveto, 3
80100 Napoli - Italy


PRU SOCCAVO | Napoli | Italia - 2008



Programma di Recupero Urbano - Soccavo


Napoli - Italy


Unversità degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" - Facoltà di Architettura




The district Traiano was one of the most important interventions CEP who saw the program with the main agencies builders of social housing. The intervention program was in Naples for the second scale of investment and number of rooms (28,400) after that of Rome.
Up to the time the experience of social housing in Naples, like that of Milan, was characterized the immediate postwar period implementation of various interventions, low-quality urban and land, which had led to the construction
accommodation of approximately 3000, this intervention, care for the more Housing Institute, concerned several also fell between these neighborhoods and Soccavo.

From this fundamental choice, born of a drawing soil that formed part of the seven residential units, the community center and the area for sports equipment and school. A design ensured a complex urban a recognizable image, maintained a corridor ecological and
a "center" linked to the city through Circumflegrea the railway line. Many of these design aspects of Canino were not and already observed in the transition from the urban design maximum of 1957 to that of 1959 can be defined notice several changes.
Though the role remains a structuring axis represented by Viale Traiano you lose the clarity of original plan, the greatest changes occur Fill in the implementation phase with the misuse of valleys that effectively will result in the loss of the system green and
structuring major axis.

The "Programma di recupero urbano" was established as a possible solution of problems not only urban but social well over the years have come to determine the degradation of the neighborhood.
The main choice was to identify structuring guidelines (via Adrian and Trajan Avenue) and through them reshape an area of barycentric district, serving as a rule for the textures of green and giving a sense of multi-purpose building. The recovery program, and
urban design that provide supports for the determinants of choices off the physical and functional qualities of the neighborhood. On this aspect the PRU seeks to take over the project Canino stopped the creation of new centrality and the financial resources to
achieve it. The fact prudence through this mode of proceeding seeking foster competitiveness of proposals from the point of view that financial planning.

As regards the sub-area of 4 PRU, subject to This design work, the following design ideas base which is to resume the interrupted track Via Tullo (planned route from Canino) and the creation of a pedestrian controstrada parallel to Via Antoninus Pius, the aim is
to create a new nucleus residential parking interchange service Station Soccavo Circumflegrea.The inclusion of these new directions in the fabric exists is simply a way to encourage transversality, now unspoken, and the desire to create aPlot continuous pedestrian
paths can serve as a distinguishing feature of the design of the ground.


1__To ensure the development of the city in than its historical context:
       Natural and built environment
       Urban planning, architecture and modernity
       Identity and reference points
       Public facilities and services

2__Create a network of urban elements that enhance the quality of urban life:
      Public spaces
      New roads
      Parks and gardens
      Urban art

3__Organize a network of urban transport allows a better and more dynamic:
       Bus and light rail
       Parking for cars
       Pedestrian areas
       Planning the use of bicycles paths

Establish the relationship between the various elements is' main objective pursued by me for design by creating a network of "transversality", a network that is capable not only of redesign the existing ground taking the signs, but able to suggest guidelines
the project.

The project comes at an urban area of about 87500mq and action through a reconfiguration of space and functional.
The project provides for:

1. Reconfiguration of the station Soccavo;
2. The creation of an urban park on Via Antonino Pio;
3. The creation of a footpath that follows the railway line;
4. The new residences and equipment;
5. The creation of a 300-seat auditorium;
6. The area for the "new" local market;
7. The creation of an indoor stadium.

The project wants to get FITNESS 'a la VERSATILITY' the entire system. The project therefore provides not a single solution but rather is designed and IMMUTABLE As a strategy, a guiding principle that allows different combinations without compromising the
underlying assumptions.
The system tracks intercepts Antoninus Pius Street dictates the rules of the main settlement the project. A complex system of connections between the main element, with the station in the park interchange with neighboring elements. The tracks, perpendicular to
the main road again, walking and cycling are all in the service of residential buildings of the new facilities provided.

The New Main axis is meant to be a completion of the draft
MARCELLO CANINO of 1959, the track ends intersecting with Antonino Pio Street where the parking interchange with the station and the shopping center.
The parking modal interchange will be above ground and the pedestrian connections to its internal park, shopping area and railway station. A node that deliberately plays on its complexity 'to be the centerpiece of the design.



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