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dam nuovo stadio città di napoli


Giovanni Bello
Vincenzo Manfellotti

Dario Flaccovio Editore
via Croce Rossa, 28
90144 Palermo - Italy
Phone: +39 091 6700686


DAM NUOVO STADIO CITTA' DI NAPOLI | Napoli | Italia - 2011



Best Project Competition


Napoli - Italy


Dario Flaccovio Editore




The project idea on the awareness that the facilities such as sports stadiums are not just in the sports culture of an entire city but also essential for the social public places.The project comes from these assumptions, create a meeting place not only for sporting events but also as a public space dedicated to the city and its citizens.
The choice of location is not random: the stage it should be born in Bagnoli, in the former ILVA. This site has long been the subject of a great urban transformation that has seen several initiatives already completed or under construction. In particular, the stadium could rise in the "filled with concrete" and allow the use of the material in this area to be reclaimed as a material for the construction of the same stadium.
The area overlooks the gulf of Pozzuoli and lies at the foot of the hill of Posillipo. The main objective was to create a structure that would fit within the scenic area. Which could respond to the most modern safety standards, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy.
The stadium is located within the new urban park of Bagnoli between the "Città della Scienza" and the "harbor" with its 350 berths. Some of the materials to be used for its possible reuse of the building will be filled by ricavanti concrete that now extends to the coastline. As mentioned previously, the study area chosen is to Bagnoli area west of the city of Napoli once an important industrial area and now, thanks to other projects, will become the fulcrum of new flows.The project is structured along two different paths but at the same time complementary: the first stage is to create a functional, respecting the parameters of both the UEFA and FIFA, the second is to create a structure that fits into the country that respects the landscape value the place and can be energy sustainable.
The solution is a rectangular structure, similar to that of the english stadium, which follows the shape of the pitch. This form, which could be called simple, give the possibility to enjoy, from anywhere in the stands, the maximum visibility of the playing field.
The outer shell structure serves three main functions: its sequence to form laminated in the first place the entire structure, and secondly allows, through its "free sequences" the proper flow of air inside the stadium, then the structure steps to allow the use of photovoltaic panels which generate energy for the entire stadium.
The stadium can accommodate about 55,000 seats in addition to places reserved for the press room and the "business" that will have a terrace overlooking the sea and will be able to accommodate a restaurant and bar / relaxing places for over one hundred and ten "VIP / Box" from which we can follow the events. On the ground floor are located at the four corners of the premises used for the merchandise. Access to the stadium is allowed through twenty "corridors" (4 for curves - 6 for the stands) that are inserted along the four main arteries that surround the structure. He is currently planned, among other projects to be undertaken in the area, a new railway station of Metro Line 8 of Napoli.



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