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Giovanni Bello
Enrico de Cenzo
Luigi Innammorato

F+ Laboratory Research


VISION | Cesena | Italia - 2012



Abitare il futuro


Cesena - Italy


F+ Laboratory Research




The project Vision is born like a "new way of living." A "living", designed on modern architectural forms, technological innovation and environmental sustainability. This aspect has been addressed through the use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable energy systems with low consumption.

These construction technologies and plant engineering are designed to have a maximum energy consumption and to ensure the respect of the 'environment through a clever exploitation of natural resources and a preference for renewable energy resources; the package masonry, designed so as to eliminate all thermal bridges, is made up of bricks thickness of 30 cm, insulation panels of mineral wool thickness of 16 cm, brick alveolar thickness of 16 cm. The finishes are natural lime plaster with high permeability. The feature of this project is to cover that angle of 18 °, will be coated with a thin film that will integrate inside the mini photovoltaic systems.

This technology, designed for the new buildings called Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), promote the production of energy without compromising aesthetics. The project involves the construction of three units, with sizes 110/90/70 square meters, respectively, within a single structure on two levels: the first includes the premises of the living area (living room / kitchen or living room with kitchen); the second level develops below the street level and includes the premises of the sleeping area, services and gardens.

This type of building, unique in its kind, allows you to maintain the enclosure to a single storey.

The space of the living room, with its centrality, is the interpretative key of the whole house. A single linear scale, resting on the left of the entrance, it combines the two levels, for the vision to flow between the rooms lived. The house runs linearly as a series of layers: this creates a fragmented distribution of space and identifies areas connected yet autonomous; in this way the area of the bedrooms is isolated from the rest of the house.

The large windows facing the south, at the kitchen area and two sleeping areas allow you to get free contributions of heat using the sun's energy during the cold months, and adequately shielded from external blinds, contain the radiation environments in the warmer months. The design of the plant has been developed trying to predict energy savings, financial gain, and a good living comfort during all periods of the year. For the heating system were used radiant floor panels in which the heating fluid flow has temperatures lower than those used for the convection heating.



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