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convivialità urbana

public spaces

Giovanni Bello


Associazione Culturale Napolicreativa V. Emanuele 68/b
80123 Napoli - Italy
Phone: +39 081 5983606
Mobile: +39 338 888 78 53


LA CONVIVIALITA' URBANA | Napoli | Italia - 2010



Riqualificazione ambientale di Piazza San Luigi


Napoli - Italy


Associazione Culturale Napoli Creativa




Piazza San Luigi is an emblematic place of the contemporary city : unbundling,  multifunctional,  inharmonious and not hierarchical.

Forms, functions, layouts, materials, reports, and dynamic accumulate and intertwine without any order of space and time. Its shape is outlined by the buildings and its location "strategic" in one of the most scenic of city, making it a potential urban center, a place to return to life of citizens, a square.
The project aims to create a unique space.

The two central forms evoke the characteristic profile of Vesuvius and Monte Somma and are enclosed by walls that form the "C" and "U" of Convivialità - Urbana. Piazza San Luigi becomes a place where you can meet and experience the city. The two architectural elements at the center of the square are intended to accommodate aggregation services such as dining and reading rooms. The project design of the square trying to integrate with the existing urban form through simple lines and structuring the new square. A new urban space for citizens and for the city.



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