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Giovanni Bello
Enrico de Cenzo
Luigi Innammorato

Manuela Cardone
Valentina Stefanelli

F+ Laboratory Research


PROGETTO INSULA | Napoli | Italia - 2013



Abitare il futuro


Napoli - Italy


F+ Laboratory Research




The project in the student housing via Portacarrese provides for the recovery / reconstruction of an old monastery in the area Montecalvario in Naples, with the objective of achieving a new and efficient student housing complex with the aim of solving a number of problems related to existing building.
The critical issues are various types, including those related to the same state of repair and restoration of much of the interior rooms that are abandoned for years.

The interventions were aimed at increasing the number of available places for non-resident students of the universities of Naples with temporary housing solutions for quality and affordable and improve the impact of the context in which the building is located. The existing building is part of a strong man-made fabric that is one of Naples' historic center, a UNESCO heritage site, and is involved in a vast project valorisation of monumental public and private (one with a more balanced distribution of services) in order to promote the improvement of the environmental and social quality of urban space.

In this paper the topic of historic restoration and transformation in contemporary weave a close dialogue based on the clear distinction between pre-existing historical and new intervention, where the latter minimizes any intention of form and comparison with the architectural features of the building.

The intervention has changed the configuration of the inner court that, landlocked and private space, becomes the focus of the entire project, an element of union, not of separation, with the lounge bar, connected to the terrace, it will give an additional function to the structure.

The project involved the renovation of the roof, partly insulated, and a series of interventions in the façade: plaster reconstruction, cleaning and consolidation of the frames of windows, string courses, cornices and eaves of each piece of stone, cleaning, painting and replacement of parts in iron and wooden shutters. It was also reviewed various fronts and the lighting of the garden as a result of a lighting project that, with the other work described above, have led to the overall redevelopment of the property.

The restoration / reconstruction of the monastery in university residence via Portacarrese, it has also proposed the accurate study of materials and technologies used and determines the achievement of energy class A CENED.



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