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GREEN OPEN STRIPS | Napoli | Italia - 2012


Piano urbanistico attuativo


Napoli - Italy


F+ Laboratory Research



group leader: Claudio Castellano
architecture design: Giovanni Bello, Enrico de Cenzo, Luigi Innammorato, Raffaella Spiniello
public spaces: Claudio Castellano, Stefania Di Paola, Vincnza Pia Iengo
technologies: Gina Elizabeth Borriello, Federica Cafiero, Vincenzo Manfellotti, Chiara Marulo

rendering & 3d models: Giovanni Bello, Enrico De Cenzo, Luigi Innammorato


F+ Laboratory Research


The area of project is part of a context, such as the district Soccavo, consisting of the strong human presence, and above all a mess about the morphology and the system on which it is grafted development. The study group has tried to give an "order" to the space without "bridle" and then make it hard, through the use of a simple grid array that has allowed us to move in multiple directions without returning to the chaos that characterizes the area. The project covers an area of 10,000 m2 and includes the drafting of a PUA (Piano urbanistico attuativo), ie a tool capable of combining development both in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We started with the introduction of new building units placed in the northern part of the site, facing the new road (the parallelism-new building new road was created through the orientation of the grid to be extended to the whole space), in the project, which will start the current Via Catone and then come together in Via Livio Andronico (east-west). A second new road has been inserted in the eastern part of the lot for you to connect Via Adriano and the new extension of the Cato Street to the north, is also useful for the presence of the car parks located along the edges to take advantage of commercial activities on the ground floors of buildings.
The public spaces are designed as a large container where you can live all the day available to anyone, whether you live in the new buildings, whether it is from the outside, a large avenue with orientation south-west - north-east cuts the space creating two rest areas, walks, play, sport, and all activities to do outside. With the use of the grid space is "broken" by spaces for green (accommodation lawn and trees) and seats almost as sprouted from the ground as a unit.

With regard to the architectural component of our project, the main objectives are: visual integration - landscape context in which it was decided to locate and reach high energy standards through the use of devices capable of minimizing the use of energy, especially the non-renewable sources.
The first objective, given the presence in the west of the chosen area, a residential tower and to the east of residential buildings of 5-6 floors, it was decided to structure the volumetric component of the project in four buildings, three of which are enclosed in a single block, respectively 6 floors, 10 floors 7 floors, have commercial functions to the ground floor and, with regard to the tallest building, the first three floors are designed to tertiary functions. The fourth building, located to the east of the block, has 6 floors and, like the other three, the ground floor has a designated commercial. The underground levels of all the facilities are designed to accommodate the car parks and local technical standards for the air conditioning of the rooms on the upper floors.

The alternation of heights of the four buildings gives the architectural form of the complex sinuosity and lightness, the continuity is still guaranteed by architectural elements present in the block which also guarantee a better conservation of the microclimate inside the buildings.
To reduce the footprint of the buildings - which is about 1000 m2 - it was decided to develop in height buildings that, with regard to the residential floors are arranged in apartments of 80 square meters of buildings 6 and 7 floors to the 100-square-foot single apartment per floor of the tower, in order to give an adequate response to the demands of increasingly complex and diverse real estate market.



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