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mupp nuovo museo per pompei


Giovanni Bello
Enrico de Cenzo
Luigi Guarino
Roberto Riccio

Start For Talents
Portale di propaganda dell'architettura


MUPP. NUOVO MUSEO PER POMPEI | Pompei | Italia - 2015



MUPP. Nuovo museo per Pompei


Pompei - Italy


Start for Talents - Portale di propaganda per l'architettura




The plan of the building comes from the ideal continuation of thistles and decumani ancient city to the area of design , the intersection of these lines creates a real Roman insula : thus began our project idea.
The building is slightly underground (-1.5 meters from the road level ) , to avoid an excessive height domains archaeological and natural landscape , the building protrudes fact only for 13.5 meters however being composed of three internal floors.
Two are the blocks that compose it: the first composed of panels of U-glass backlit opacified, the second , rear , completely closed. The first block , which gives access to the museum , enclosing the courtyard and the garden that make up the main entrance ; the upper floors are home to the part of the exhibition rooms ( which can be accessed from the second block ) that overlooks the courtyard . On the ground floor of the second block are services related to the structure ( ticketing , information point, shop , services ) and the entrance to the museum itself ; is at the end of the second block that leave the external ramps that characterize the project design and lead to the exhibition halls.
The external ramps connect the " open-air museum of the excavations " with the works kept inside , going up the ramps is possible to admire the scenery constantly changing external perspective , integrating precious antiquities kept in their original context in a continuum interior / exterior that makes the museum part of the excavations.
The first floor is dedicated to the exhibition halls , the second is divided into two parts , an exhibition hall and a conference room . The halls have a few structural elements and are characterized by a linear and squared allowing multifunctionality of space : the large rooms can accommodate so temporary and permanent exhibitions , creative workshops and all that can promote knowledge of this area and its history . The third floor leads to the terrace and dining area : from here you can observe from the archaeological site with Vesuvius in the background.



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