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F+_Futuri Progetti Urbani, is a office founded by Giovanni Bello in Naples since january 2009. The idea is to create a research laboratory where we can try to imagine the city of the future. It’s works on large-scale urban master planning, urban planning,  design of public spaces and landscape design.

F+  participated as a design group in international project and competition like “Europan 10 – Inventing urbanity. Regeneration, revitalization, colonization” with a project for Zagreb (Hrvatska 2009), “2010 Skyscraper Competition” (Usa 2010), “Moti Urbani. StazionIMPOSSIBILI” in Lamezia Terme (2008, winners of selection). In April 2008 he began work for editing  the Piano territoriale di coordinamento provinciale [Ptcp] – Caserta, ended in April 2012 with the approval of the provincial government.

The purpose of this study is to achieve the quality of urban spaces. The quality of urban life is essential for citizens and public space is the image of the local culture. For this reason our attention is not only directed but also to the architectural dimension to the ecological dimension of urban project. experience is based on an idea of the city; a city multi-ethnic, ecological, technological, livable.

The philosophy of the working group is this: research | innovation | progress; simply Futuri Progetti Urbani.


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