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pomezia idea


Giovanni Bello

Facoltà di Architettura
«Ludovico Quaroni» de
«La Sapienza»
via Gianturco 2,
00196 Roma - Italy
info: arc1ie@uniroma1.it


POMEZIA IDEA | Pomezia | Italia - 2007



Pomezia Idea


Pomezia - Italy


Facoltà di Architettura "Ludovico Quaroni" de "La Sapienza"




INTRODUCTION. The area covered by the competition of ideas, the total area of about 64.700mq, is located on a major commercial artery connecting Pomezia. Following the instructions in the notice, the said area provides for the allocation of approximately 30,000 square in private and 34.700mq of public parks around.
Given these indications, it was decided to start with a new "floor plan" able to meet the requirements, a design that would incorporate the lines of the lot in question and at the same time trying to emphasize the idea of the project.
A single building could accommodate several public and private functions. A connecting element between the main roads and open country. The green area is composed of four different systems by function and composition; area with its geometry breaks the lines of "drop", which is developed with the building services. These are the main themes.

The functional organization of the structure is very flexible in order to promote its use during the arc of the entire day. The first two plans were in fact designed as a real public spaces where we can take advantage of more services.
The area in question is located on the outskirts of Pomezia in a predominantly rural character.
In this environment it is located away from the city center and its services outbuildings, we thought the creation of a " self-sufficient" that could be enjoyed by the public around the clock.
Respecting addresses design dictated by the competition notice has been trying to interact with the building with the large green area adjacent to it. The building is expected to made on eight levels. The first two craft mall, and the third is intended to Auditorium for any meetings, conferences, conventions, etc.
From the fourth to seventh full reserved for offices and a possible recreation center designed for children of employees trying to even consider this great problem of social relevance. The last level would be set at the bar/restaurant.
The green area is to be divided into three parts. The most extensive is that characterized by the lawn, with the aim of making the pleasant moments of rest of employees and a city park for the citizens. One area that he wants to recover the grounds of the surrounding landscape in order to bring them into town.
The second used as a Zen garden, which is lost in pleasant paths designed and imagined. The last is the smallest, with trees of various size and species which go to create a true and proper woods. It is clear that the ultimate goal is to create a strong central role in this area in which intertwine several times in our daily lives, from work to leisure, culture and sophistication to relaxation.

Another theme particularly dear to us than the energy sustainability of the project. The building form is the result of a scientific analysis to minimize the impact of sunlight and heat loss through the outer structure and thus obtain a reduction of energy needs.
In particular, in the scheme represented here, we tried to highlight the system ariation of the complex can reduce energy consumption by about 25% compared to a conventional building air conditioning.



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