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casa D

interior design

Giovanni Bello
Enrico de Cenzo
Luigi Innammorato

Donatella Schiano


CASA D | Napoli | Italia - 2013



Project Casa "D"


Napoli [NA] - Italy


Donatella Schiano




The purpose of the design is to provide an interior project that the apartment can acquire with the restructuring functional environments.
The project drawn up taking into account the existing masonry in order to optimize the re-arrangement of the new interiors. In giving a new shape to the living area it was decided to eliminate the dividing wall that separates the hallway from the living room and create a unique space.

The kitchen maintains its current size but access is moved symmetrically to its current location in order to allow a direct communication with the stay.
The disengagement is what remains of the corridor, in front of which 12.85 square meters is reduced to just 4.65 square meters, required for the sorting of bedrooms, resulting in a separation between living and sleeping areas.
The walls are plastered and painted all in white, the white gives light to a room, especially if it is small, it also gives airiness.
The only exception in the wall of the house not to be painted but coated in white stoneware will be the kitchen wall boundary with the double bedroom. Finally, in the living room will be placed a fake septum the size 0.40x0.25 cm (obviously this septum is purely ornamental and non-structural).

The floor for all environments will be in fine porcelain stoneware gray, in order to unlock it chromatically with the white walls.
The ceiling is provided in the living area, and bedroom. Everything in white paint and spaced from the floor in such a way to allow the housing of the spotlights (30 cm to the finished product).



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