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Giovanni Bello
Enrico de Cenzo
Luigi Innammorato

F+ Laboratory Research


CUBE LIBRARY | Pozzuoli | Italia - 2011



Una nuova libreria per Pozzuoli


Pozzuoli [NA] - Italy


F+ Laboratory Research




Designing a new branch library for the "laFeltrinelli" was an excellent opportunity to imagine a new pole of attraction in a beautiful and fascinating as the waterfront of Pozzuoli.
The main challenge was to create a "model", a building that would reflect the mission carried out by the publishing group, a building that is both "unique" but "replicable" and, especially, may be beneficial for the city.
The "key idea" of the project is to reinforce the importance of this public space as a place of inclusion, shared by citizens and tourists, thus helping to create an image of integration of urban reality.
The volume for this proposed new building incorporates the morphological model that characterizes the area (in fact this is based on the structure of the building), yet has the strength to impose itself as a new local landmark.

The building has five levels, each level, except the last which will house a lounge bar, will host a special section of articles from the library (books, music, home videos, games, business meetings) and the relevant spaces devoted to reading and relaxation.
The ground floor is fully glazed so as to give not only the maximum entry of light but also to make the building welcoming to customers. The overlying layers instead will comply through a double layer of glass to allow the entry of light is filtered so is the possibility of installing LED lights in one layer and another.
This option will allow the building to have its visibility in a context, such as the waterfront of Pozzuoli, simply unique.The structural pattern, with a central block that provides stability, is very simple and flexible and would take the existing structure.



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