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piazza della repubblica

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Giovanni Bello


Comune di Gaggiano


PIAZZA DELLA REPUBBLICA | Gaggiano | Italia - 2007



Riqualificazione ambientale di Piazza della Repubblica


Gaggiano [MI] - Italy


Comune di Gaggiano




At the root of my project idea I have put the need to combine simplicity with maximum usability, leveraging the existing space. Easy does it get to build a real public space for the city and its citizens and that points to a real feasibility of the project.
The design was created by "lines" already present in the present Piazza della Repubblica, the two buildings on the sides seem to want to bring up to lift the square.
The idea is to create a space at the same time be able to "emerge" from the context and be able to dialogue with it.
The square will be formed from these four plates (the latter of which is located at a height of 1.20m from street level) in what will be respected, right through the openings, spaces for trees that are currently there.
Then "born" out of the benches that exits from the base of the plates as if they were to lift the roots of trees.

The inner edges are designed to accommodate the "led" (or just halogen bulbs) will be responsible for ensuring that the lighting of the square and emphasize the design of the project. On the sides are expected to be used instead of lighting systems to ensure that reflected light, as well as the lighting of the square, also the adequate lighting of the side streets. Roads may become necessary for driveways.
The planters want to point out a path that encourages people to "come up" on the square and find out what is present on the opposite side, whose sight is not denied, but only partially hidden.
The square will be equipped with facilities for the parking of bicycles to be placed along the sides and ramps designed to promote the usability of the same for disabled and prams.
This is a summary of my project idea and, as mentioned earlier, is based on simplicity and practical feasibility of the project. Combining simplicity and feasibility, it is for me the best way to tackle the job and offer the best solutions for both citizens and administrations.



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