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Giovanni Bello

Moti Urbani. Stazionimpossibili
Carlo Carlei, Caterina Misuraca
Silvana Editoriale - 2009
ISBN/EAN: 9788836615889

Associazione culturale 400kc
via Ubaldo dei Medici, 2
88046 Lamezia Terme - Italy


MOTI URBANI STAZIONIMPOSSIBILI | Lamezia Terme | Italia - 2009



Moti Urbani. STAZIONImpossibili


Lamezia Terme [CZ] - Italy


Associazione Culturale 400kc




Everything is movement. The earth moving. The passage of time is motion. The change is movement. Changing urban landscapes.
Change the social dynamics that characterize the city. Change your way of living, to think, to draw them.

The stations are no longer simply places of transit travelers but the real centers of urban life.
The station, and architecture that represents it, is no longer interpreted as a threshold urban space placed a monument that marks the transition between two realities defined and separate: a dynamic - the journey - and static - the city.

The station becomes a place of "life" and passage. An urban place in continuity with its paths and see our imagination beyond the merely physical context to suggest the presence of another place in town to get to, you can know, we can live.

The station becomes a public space for citizens. Urban place of relationship that can transform the static on the move. The industrial area of Lamezia Terme diventarà the place where they meet the sky, sea and land. The journey does not end there. Start Here.



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