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PIANO DI EMERGENZA COMUNALE | Bacoli | Italia - 2013


Piano di emergenza comunale


Bacoli - Italy


Comune di Bacoli


2012 - 2013

The instrument must necessarily focus around which gravitate part of planning tools for Bacoli is the Municipal Civil Protection Plan. The task of this emergency plan is to define the risk scenarios for the effective management of crisis situations, but also the definition of strategic actions that do not conflict with other types of plans and policies for the area.

A contingency plan, in this sense, is a kind of project and coordinates all the activities of all the procedures to be adopted to deal with a disaster expected in a given area, in order to ensure the effective and immediate use of resources needed to overcome the emergency.
A plan of emergency and civil protection is intended both to know the territorial and human vulnerability , is to organize an operational chain aimed at overcoming the critical event.
In particular, with respect to a plan to the provincial level, a municipal plan to get more detail , able to allow citizens and operators of the various components of the civil defence to have a frame of reference corresponding to the expected size of the event , the population involved , the alternative road, the possible escape routes, the waiting areas of housing, overcrowding and so on.
In general, a Municipal Civil Protection Plan is structured in three main parts:

Part A - Analysis of the territory (and critical resources present);
Part B - Model of intervention (emergency procedures);
Part C - Education and information;
they are added to the cartographic documentation and attachments.

Different situations now converge and require a rethinking of the scaffolding of planning for Bacoli (as well as the entire area ) . Pivot of the whole process will be the protection of the landscape and the protection from the risk , natural and anthropogenic.
It is well known that earthquakes, floods, bradyseism , occur almost always in the territories, such as Bacoli, where in the past these events have caused inconvenience and continual alarms.
The preparation of instruments of protection becomes ever more compelling , and not just in our areas in recent years throughout Italy destruction of property and damage to the population increased by an improper use of land and resources in ways that have high exposed the critical value and, therefore, the amount of risk in areas known to be dangerous . If the cyclical nature is a constant factor for a calamitous phenomenon , the extent of damage and the type of assistance are variable parameters , which is why it is said that emergencies are never equal to each other on an equal intensity of the event that occurs.

So , for this reason , administrators , planners, civil protection operators must be prepared to handle the uncertainty , as the set of those variables which in turn characterize the real effects of the intervention.
In the activity preparatory civil protection this principle corresponds to properly manage the territory to organize a proper information to the population about the risks and the adoption, in the plane of the local civil protection of languages and unified procedures between the components and the operating structures that involved in the relief effort.
Of fundamental importance is the organization of periodic civil protection exercises with the population and rescue workers to move from culture to culture of the training manual.

Dott. Ermanno Schiano

Ing. Ettore d'Elia

Technical field manager:
Arch. Gennaro Ciunfrini
Scientific surpervisor:
Prof. Arch. Michelangelo Russo
Department of Architecture - DiARCH
University of Naples - Federico II

Technical consultants:
Dott. Arch. Giuseppe Guida
Arch. Giovanni Bello


Comune di Bacoli
via Lungolago, 4
80070 Bacoli - Italy



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