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marco polo resort


Giovanni Bello

Impresa Tonon Spa
Via Menare, 25 31014
Colle Umberto (TV) ITALY
tel. 0438200227 fax 0438394832


MARCO POLO RESORT | Vittorio Veneto | Italia - 2008



Marco Polo Resort


Vittorio Veneto [TV] - Italy


Impresa Tonon S.p.a




The design concept aims to achieve a structure that at the same time to accommodate all the functions required by the notice of contest and placing them in a building that could become the symbol of the campus sports. With regard to the distribution function inside the building, in fact, was sought first to understand what could be the most efficient link between the various proposals from macrofamiglie competition program (climbing wall, multipurpose rooms, beauty salon, etc.. ), hence the idea of  "draw" the most rational way possible. Analyzing the project from the duo form - function we find that if the building is part of the campus as an ordering principle of the sports complex at the same time weaving with the elements placed around a network of functional and spatial relationships. The proposal is characterized by a rectangular building, on two levels connected internally by a staircase and an elevator. The upper level was created by the extrusion of the lower one, of this place as a support element that marks the entire structure. The value of higher education is evidenced by two-color: white on the lower floor of lightness at the base and enhances the bright red of the second level, so that the eye focuses and emphasizes the design of prospective visitors. This has a terrace on the west side, embedded in the higher volume, which is projected towards the golf course and on the north side an additional element that comes out acting as a shelter that accompanies the entrance to the resort. The large windows allow you to light up the interior space and relate it all around with the various elements of urban and landscape as well as reducing energy consumption for lighting and heating. Energy strategies adopted strategies adopted to achieve the reduction of energy consumption are those described below. Water management. We will produce an accumulation of water equal to about 3,500 cubic meters in underground tanks that collect rainwater incident on the roofs of buildings and paved areas. Lighting. The use of natural lighting within the environment as well as ensuring healthy sight saves a lot of electricity. On south-facing facades, protection from glare and overheating in the summer, where appropriate, is made with the configuration of the projections (horizontal) and blinds (vertical shading systems furniture). Technologies. On the roof slab will be installed solar panels (tilt 39 °) close to the perimeter wall and photovoltaic panels (horizontal) which extend to the shelter entrance. Light sensors are also placed at the galleries and corridors-toilet-housing units and a skylight that will allow the central atrium skylights. Green system. Proper use of the green, in order to reduce energy consumption to maintain comfort conditions in the environment, has been fundamental in our project. The presence of endangered plant and turf near the building affects the interaction energy with the environment in three main ways: partial interception of solar radiation, evapotranspiration, changes in air speed.



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